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Self Cleaning Juicer with Recipe Books
PowerXL Self-Cleaning Juicer
  • PowerXL Self-Cleaning Juicer
  • 'Juice Your Way To Health' Recipe Book
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Customer Reviews

"I love the way it handled itself. I love juicing every morning and it is just perfect for me..."

   - Winston R.
Amazon Reviewer
"... Super easy to take apart for cleaning and super easy to put back together and start juicing. I now juice now more that ever..."

   - Alex

Amazon Reviewer

"Love this juicer, and the best part is that it is easy to clean... Great price for great product!"

   - Michael W.

Amazon Reviewer

juicer with extra large chute - apple in chute

Expanded Chute Capacity

Extra-large round feeder gives you even more space for fruits and vegetables so juicing is faster and easier than ever before.

Self-Cleaning Function

Innovative self-cleaning function removes stubborn pulp and promotes continuous juicing and clog-free juice flow.
non-drip juice spout

Removable, Non-Drip Spout

So there’s never any leftover juice dripping on your countertops. After juicing, simply rotate upwards to avoid drips.

High-Performance Motor Extracts 30% More Juice*

1200-Watt motor goes up to 23,000 RPMs, extracting more juice than other juicers for optimal vitamin absorption.

Three Variable Speeds Accommodate Most Fruits and Vegetables

Level 1
speed 1 for soft foods like strawberries
for soft fruits and vegetables
Level 2
speed 2 for medium food like pineapple
for medium foods, like pineapples
Level 3
speed 3 for hard foods like carrots
for hard foods, rigid, like carrots
stainless steel powerxl juicer

Juicer Specifications

Easy Cleanup: Built-in Self-Cleaning
Product Dimensions:12.6” x 8.7” x 16.9”
Pulp Container Capacity: 2 Liters
Container Material: BPA FREE
Power: 1200 Watts / 23,000 RPMs

Help Support and Strengthen Your Immune System With Fresh, Raw Fruit & Vegetable Juice

fresh carrot juice
fresh beet juice
fresh smoothie with stawberries
Make nutrient-rich, raw fruit and vegetable juice in seconds, right at home with PowerXL Self-Cleaning Juicer! Superior Extraction Technology helps to improve your energy and decrease your dress size. Save time peeling, cutting, chopping, and coring. The wide chute means you can juice most fruits and vegetables whole!

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30 Day Trial $1499
Plus P&H
3 Pay of $33.33 After Trial


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